Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Handy Poll User’s Manual

Handy Poll 1.0

Handy Poll helps you create polls in minutes and view the results on a pie or bar chart. Your respondents can easily cast their vote using any handset capable of sending SMS.

Viewing list of polls

When the application starts, the first screen shows the list of polls that you have previously created. These polls are arranged alphabetically in ascending order. Polls that display the title in black and italicized indicate that they are currently disabled. Disabled polls are located at the bottom of the list.

Creating a poll

While viewing the list of polls, click on the Menu button and choose New Poll.

First Screen

Title - a short and descriptive name of the poll that will be displayed on the list of polls.

Question - the question that you want to ask to your respondents to get their opinions

Keyword - a unique single word that your respondents must use to cast their vote

Second Screen

You can add options or choices for your poll by filling-up the Option box. A new Option box will be created automatically when you click on the last box. You can remove an option by clicking the button on the right side of the box. At least 2 options must be filled-up.

These options will be numbered from 1 onwards and the number will be used by your respondents to cast their votes. For example, if your keyword is FOOD and you have two options, Chinese food and Thai food, then your respondents should reply FOOD 1 for Chinese food or FOOD 2 for Thai food.

Third Screen

Respondents - you can add respondents from your contacts by typing their names or you can simply add their numbers.

Reply instructions - you can change the instruction on how your respondents must send back to cast their vote. Make sure that you typed in the same prefix that you use on the first screen of the wizard.

When you click on the Save button, you will be able to preview the poll that you have just created. Review the question, choices and the reply instructions as well as the number of SMS that is needed to send out the poll to your respondents. Click Proceed if everything is ok.

After that, the application will start sending out SMS to your respondents. Take note that these SMS will incur charges on your phone.

Editing a poll

On the list of polls, click the poll that you want to edit. A pop-up dialog will be shown then click Edit to start editing your poll.

Deleting a poll

On the list of polls, click the poll that you want to delete. A pop-up dialog will be shown then click Delete and click Yes to confirm.

Enabling / Disabling a poll

You can temporarily disable polls by going to the list of polls then click the poll that you want to disable. A pop-up dialog will be shown then click Disable to toggle poll status. A disabled poll will not process and receive any votes.

To enable polls, go to the list of polls then click the poll that you want to enable. A pop-up dialog will be shown then click Enable to toggle poll status. When poll is enabled, it will start processing and receiving votes.


You can view the result of a poll by going to the list of polls then click an item. A pop-up dialog will be shown then click Reports to go to the reports section.

Chart View

Poll results can be viewed here in pie chart. Choices are identified by different colors.

Details View

A detailed poll results can be viewed here. Votes are presented on a bar graph which also displays the percentage and the number of votes for each choice.

Export to CSV

Poll results can be exported to CSV format which can later be viewed on your desktop. To export the result, while on the Chart or Details view, click on Menu then select Export to CSV. Exported file will be saved to your memory card under HandyPoll folder.


Application settings can be modified on the settings section. To change the settings, go to the list of polls, click Menu and select Settings.


When checked, any incoming SMS that matches any one of your polls will be marked as read automatically.

Anonymous Voting

When checked, anyone will be able to cast their vote even though you haven't specified them as respondents of your poll.

Block Repeat Voters

When checked, respondents will not be able to cast their votes multiple times


To view help instructions, you can go to the list of polls, click Menu and choose Help or you can always click on the question mark icon on upper right part of the screen.


  1. Nice idea, well yung treat ko nalang panalo na yan eheh Good luck ulit

  2. I love this app and am using it to filter startup names. v1.01 crashes on sending the poll, please fix ASAP.

  3. Great App, Love the idea, Could you include the ability to choose one respondant choice ie all who picked 1, and send them a group message,
    As i tried to organise friends to come round for a bbq, It almost worked, however i couldn't msg those who said yes the time in a single go.

    Brilliant for what it was designed, Extra feature makes it useful in a whole different way

  4. Having to remember the exact contact name for the respondent(s) makes it unusable for me. They is no positive feedback that the name(s) selected where found.

    Otherwise, great fun/useful app. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi: Does your CSV file contain all the info regarding the voting? Does it contain the identity of the voters, time stamp, etc?

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